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Nagoya Works

Below is a description of NSPC’s Nagoya Works.


The Nagoya Works is located within the Nagoya Works premises of Nippon Steel. It is our key Works boasting a size equivalent to three times the size of Tokyo Dome (approx. 140,000 ㎡) with eight pipe production lines.

The greatest advantage of this Works is its ability to work closely with the Nagoya Works of Nippon Steel allowing us to select the optimal material. With such material, we are able to meet the requests of our customers and offer a wide range of products.


Address 5-3 Tokai-machi, Tokai-shi, Aichi 476-0015, Japan
TEL・FAX TEL:+81-52-604-3249
Access Approx. 10 minutes by taxi from Ohtagawa Station on the Meitetsu Tokoname Line

Over View

Tube manufacturing lines

Tube manufacturing lines

Ultrasonic testing apparatus

Ultrasonic testing apparatus

Heat treatment equipment

Heat treatment

Other equipment

  • Slitter line:2
  • Shaped tube forming mill:1

Certifications acquired

  • ISO9001 : Certified November 2003
  • ISO14001: Certified May 2005

MAP of Nagoya Works

Site area:140,700m2 / Building area:116,400m2

Nagoya WorksMAP
Site area:140,700m<sup>2</sup> / Building area:116,400m<sup>2</sup>