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Basic Policy on Information Security

Basic Policy on Information Security

Nippon Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., has implemented the Basic Policy on Information Security given below.

Basic Policy on Information Security (text published within the company)

NSPC has long considered proper information management as a basic part of the management of the company and has made various efforts to ensure information security. Now, in view of changes in the awareness within society of information, we have established a Basic Policy on Information Security, which we shall use to protect the information assets of customers and other stakeholders that we handle in the conduct of business as well as the company’s own information assets from various threats, and shall strive to ensure information security.

  1. We shall establish an information security management system and strive to manage information assets appropriately.
  2. We shall establish and implement company rules in accordance with the Basic Policy.
  3. We shall specify handling according to the importance and risk of information assets and manage them appropriately.
  4. We shall conduct education and training on information security in an effort to increase awareness of information security and to ensure thorough familiarity with relevant rules.
  5. In the event of security trouble relating to information assets, we shall promptly determine the cause and strive to minimize any damage.
  6. We shall comply with laws and regulations as well as other social norms related to information security.
  7. We shall continuously review and strive to improve the above efforts.

April 2022
Akira Shinjo, President and Representative Director
Nippon Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.