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Officer Organization

Officer Organization

As of April 1, 2024

Division of Business Responsibilities and Delegation of Office

President and
Representative Director

Akira Shinjo

Senior Managing Director

Motofumi Koyuba

Oversees the Technology Administration Department, Equipment Technology and Facility Management Center, Products Technical Service & Solution Department, Quality Planning Department, and Information & Communication Technology Department

Managing Director,
Member of the Board

Hirofumi Okuda

Oversees the Safety, Environment & Disaster Prevention Department and the company's works

Managing Director,
Member of the Board

Takeo Aoyama

Oversees the General Affairs & Human Resources Department, and the Audit Department, and the Planning & Finance Department
Cooperates with Managing Director Okuda on safety, environmental issues, and disaster prevention

Managing Director

Akihiko Ota

Sales Administration & Plannning Department, Overseeing Head Office Sales Department, Procurement Department, and each branch office

Member of the Board

Ryuichi Nagai

Audit & Supervisory Board Member

Shinsuke Manaka

Audit & Supervisory Board Member (part-time)

Takayuki Fujino

Managing Executive Officer

Junichi Okamoto General Manager, Head of Wakayama Works

Managing Executive Officer

Tatsuhiko Uezono General Manager, Head of Kashima Works

Executive Officer

Toshihiro Hikida

General Manager, Head of Amagasaki Works
General Manager, Head of Kyushu Works

Executive Officer

Shoichi Ishido

General Manager, Head of Planning & Finance Department

Executive Officer

Shinya Yamazaki

General Manager, Head of Headquarters Sales Department
Responsible for sales in Nagoya area

Executive Officer

Koji Yamauchi

General Manager, Head of the General Affairs & Human Resources Department
Responsible for digital promotion
Assists Managing Director Aoyama in auditing duties

Executive Officer

Kengou Murashige General Manager, Head of Nagoya Works